Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Rylee's 1st hair cut

So a couple weeks ago we were getting ready to get family pictures taken and decided to get Kylers hair cut. Then we decided to get Rylee in and get her back trimmed up. It was her baby hair that had not been rubbed off... it was so long and scraggly. When it was wet it would go half way down her back! So we got that cut and it looks so much better. Our family picture ended up getting rained out...but are rescheduled for next Monday.. can't wait to see how they turn out!

This was the before picture after we took her pony tail out...Looks like she is holding her hair out to show how long it is... silly girl!

She had this comb to occupy her... so she did really well!

She did so good Sherry gave her a pretty new bow for her hair!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Snow day

We had a lot of snow this winter... here is some pictures of Kyler playing out in the snow...

Christmas 2010

Wyatt watching big brother go crazy opening all his presents...
And of course he got way more stuff then any one kid needs...

The babies in their Christmas outfits ready to go see Santa...

Our lovely Christmas tree...

Opps missed some things...

I misses a few things in between where i had left off and where i started with my filling in the blanks... So here are a few more blanks filled in..

When we got home the babies were a little jaundice. So we had to get these lovely light "blankets" ... they are not blankets at all... they are a pain! We had these for 5-6 days and then we were good. poor babies had to go in twice to get their heals pricked.
Then we had Wyatt's feet to deal with. When he was born the doctors noticed that his fee turned in. It was not club foot, but a form of it. With club foot it is hard to bend the foot even to a normal position and you won't even see a heal... Wyatt was not like this. His food was very flexible and you could bend it to the "normal" position and he also had a very prominent heal. So they were not real concerned about it but did refer us to Dr Jarka at Children's Mercy in KC for a second opinion.

Here is a picture of his feet. They said this happened due to his position in utero. He was baby A(closes to cervix) and was breach. So he and Sister were pushing down on his feed which was tap dancing on my bladder most of the time!

So we went to see Dr Jarka and she confirmed that it was not club foot but rather a rare form of Metatarsus Adductus. Not only were his feet turned in towards his big toe, but pivoted so that the bottoms of his feet faced each other. The other strange thing she said was he was the third baby she had seen with this that week! She decided to treat all three babies as if they were club foot so we got these Fancy casts! They had a hard plaster cast up to his calf, then a softer fiberglass cover that went up past his knees! They looked so uncomfortable! poor little guy hated then by the end of that week. He had also grown so much that they were pretty tight on his thigh by the end of the week also. He had to wear them for a week, then the morning before we went in to see her again we had soak them and remove the fiberglass part. Then keep the plaster part wet until we got to the hospital so they would be easier to take off. We cheated and i took off the fiberglass party the night before to give him some wiggle room. The plan was to re asses and recast for another week... however he had made so much progress that she decided for the second week to just put the fiberglass casts on up to his knee... so he could kick and that was much better!

The day before he had to take the casts off me and Kyler colored them up and signed them a little for him!

This is after i took the fiberglass top layer off... you can see the smaller plaster booties!

Here he was before we headed to KC to get them removed. We had to soak them, then wrap them in wet wash cloths and then put plastic baggies over them for the trip!
Today his fee still turn in a bit. Our pediatrician did not seem to concerned about them so we just kept doing his stretches as much as we could... that's about impossibly know what he is on the move! But I am still a little concerned so the pediatrician said we could go back and see dr Jarka if we think it is necessary. I kind of thought they would straiten out more when he started standing on them... but i notice when in his walker and jumper he stands on the side of his foot still. Maybe it will straiten out the more he is on them... but i just don't want to wait too long then he be delayed in walker? or worse yet... trying to do any form of treatment(castes again??) after he is mobile! YIKES! So I have really been trying to prioritize his stretches and am planning on getting him an appointment with Dr Jarka soon just for reassessment!

fill in the blanks...

Ok... i have slacked off again. I think i feel so far behind and don't want to leave anything out so i feel like i will never get it all on here... it woudl be so much easier if i was just blogging day by day stuff as it hers another shot at filling in some of the blanks between where i have left off and today.

I am just going through my pictures and pulling out ones that i want to add.

Here the twins are snuggled up in the swing together... they slep pretty good like that!

This picture cracks me up... they both have a funny face on and have their hands held just alike!

Then there was Halloween. Kyler was a chicken, but was not in the mood to take ANY pictures iwth the babies. I snaped this one outside... nice pose Kyler!!! He will love this one when he gets bigger!

Ok... i have more but i am goign to try to break them into their own post so... more to come.

Monday, April 25, 2011


So the Easter Bunny came at my dad's house Easter Morning. Kyler slept in the front bedroom while Sheldon and I and the babies slept in the back bed room. I heard Kyler yell for me about 7am... we had been up since about 6 with the babies. So i went in there. I said do you think the Easter Bunny came to see you? He said YES... i said how do you know. He said i snuck in there and seen the eggs. Too funny

He got lots of fun stuff in his basket including monkey rubber boats, season box set of the Flintsones, bulldozer paint kit, tooth brush and tooth paste, bubbles, a couple little puzzels, a few baby cans of orange pop, and a bunch of candy!

The twins each had a few of the starter finger snacks for babies, sun glasses, sun hats, sippy cups, a plastic bathtime book, and a few other little things. Even though they probably didn't know what they were doing they had fun tearing into their baskets and pulling it all out! It was cute.

Here they are in their cute Easter outfits. I did not get any good pictures of Kyler becuase he will not cooperate with pictures some times. I have found it best to not even force him to, because the pictures dont turn out anyway when he don't want you to take them. He also would not take his jacket off when we were at Aunt Lyn's for dinner... come to find out it was becuase he had dribbles chocolate milk down his pretty white easter shirt!!! BOYS!